Management and Creation of Web Projects and Digital Platforms

My passion for technology and ethics has always brought me closer to the concept of  Free Software. One of my favorites is WordPress and it was through it that I met some friends at  Brasa Design and Technology, a Marketing agency focus mainly in the Brazilian third sector.

For approximately 5 years, I’ve been helping Brasa Design and Technologia as Project Management Consultant providing support and bringing attention to the important aspects of good management as well as absorbing their knowledge in the digital area and innovation.

  • (2017) SecureGen Project:

    I consulted with the team responsible for the SecureGen website to help them with project modeling and solution design. I also had an active participation in the closing and go-live process. The main purpose of the Project was the creation of its visual identity, the institutional website and some digital media materials for smartphones.

  • (2016-2017) E-Commerce “A Boa Terra – Orgânicos” (Organic Farm):

    I had the pleasure of assisting the team in the management of the first virtual store selling organic products in Brazil! I followed the responsible project manager throughout the process of requirements gathering, solution design, definition of deliverables, as well as in the management of stakeholders and the development team. It was one of the most interesting and challenging projects in the digital area that I was part of..

  • (2015) Website “Litoral Sustentável” New Functionalities:

    I consulted from the beginning of the project until its final delivery. The project aimed to provide a dynamic solution to present extensive research content produced by the Sustainable Coastal (Litoral Sustentável) team in order to facilitate its consumption through the web page. We present a set of pages and a search solution that has been widely accepted by the acting agencies..

  • (2014) E-Commerce Docklands Furniture (UK):

    I assisted the Brasa Design team in retaking Docklands Furniture’s e-commerce project, revisiting available budget, delayed or conflicting activities, working with a new delivery plan, and re-discussing important customer details so that the project had adequate visibility due to its size and complexity. The online store was successfully opened in 2014!

  • (2014) Website “Pólis” Institute:

    I was asked to assist the team responsible for the delivery of the site in the process of closing the contract, making a thorough survey of the agreed scope, evaluating the deliveries and putting together a plan of action with the sign off by the client. Upon successful closure, the team was still contacted for further improvement work, such as including a library of publications and controlled updates of the WordPress system..