Computer Information Systems Bachelor

University of São Paulo (USP)

School of Arts, Sciences and Humanities – EACH


  1. Domain of the process of design and implementation of computer systems, mainly involving software and some basic concepts of hardware

    Modeling of systems using different methods, techniques and tools aiming for a systematized solution.

  2. Knowledge and ability to apply the concepts involved in computational theory and formal languages

    Understanding Limitations of Computing Theory and Representation of Formal Languages: Generators (Grammars) and Recognitors (Finite Automata, Cell and Turing Machines).

  3. Knowledge of the rules that govern the ethics of the area of professional computing

    Knowledge of current legislation that regulates, for example, intellectual property, access to public and private data, and security issues.

  4. Understanding the problems of organizations

    Understanding of the means by which IT technology can support the work of the individual in organizations through a managerial view of information and modern information technology.

Additional Details (pt-br): Sistemas_de_Informacao_USP.pdf